Five ways you can support refugees

Fri, Jul 1, 2022

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We marked World Refugee Day on 20th June and shared inspiring stories from our partners all week on our digital media platforms. We celebrated the courage, resilience, and power of all refugees.

Five ways you can support refugees

Worldwide there are now over 100 million displaced people. Every day that number is growing. Everyone deserves a future on their own terms, especially refugees. At Cohere, we believe that when power is transferred to refugees their communities can be transformed by them. Here are five ways you can support refugees any day:

Your money can support a refugee like Flavia Namanga based in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Flavia is a determined mother and participant in the learning program we run in partnership with our refugee-led organisation partner, Solidarity Initiative for Refugees. Thanks to supporters like you, Flavia will be able to do online freelancing jobs that will boost her income and help her provide for her children.

We hope you will help us fuel futures by giving refugees like Flavia tools and support to unleash their full potential and become independent. Sign up to our newsletter for latest updates.