Call for CSSC Delivery Partner

Tue, Jul 5, 2022

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We're seeking a qualified RLO partner who will deliver our Capacity Strengthening and Sharing Course (CSSC) in Kakuma and Kalobeyei.

Call for CSSC Delivery Partner

About Cohere (Formerly Xavier Project)

Cohere is an international NGO registered in Kenya, Uganda and the UK which specialises in building holistic partnerships with Refugee-Led (RLOs) and Host Community (CBOs) Organisations in refugee-hosting areas. Cohere is a facilitator ensuring greater community ownership and self-reliance over humanitarian and development projects. We strengthen the CBOs/RLOs’ capacity to design multi-year strategic plans to implement and manage pioneering community-led interventions that address core community problems.

The Opportunity

Globally, there is a thriving sector of  Refugee Led Organisations (RLOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs). Limitations of traditional humanitarian actors to operate during the COVID -19 pandemic magnified the contribution of CBOs and RLOS in the overall humanitarian response and the necessity of their engagement. Since then, recognition of the critical roles that CBOs play in the humanitarian response has grown significantly.  

However, funding, in general, is often inaccessible to these community-based organisations.  One of the barriers to funding opportunities is the lack of enough technical capacity, governance structures or financial systems that would enable them to stand up to the due diligence processes of most donors. In many cases, CBOs and RLOs generate funding from their own communities and social enterprises. But they need a history of implementation and proven stewardship of external funds to gain the confidence of potential donors/partners. To break this cycle, CBOs and RLOs need tailored capacity strengthening and operational support through capacity building, mentorship and linkages like what Cohere offers using our in-house capacity strengthening and Sharing Course ( CSSC ).

To this end, Cohere is seeking a qualified RLO partner who will journey along with our other partner CBOs/RLOs, refugee and host community leaders in Kakuma and Kalobeyei to achieve self-reliance through the delivery of Cohere’s Capacity Strengthening and Sharing Course (CSSC). The RLO partner will be reporting to the CSSC Facilitator.

1.0 Scope and key deliverables 

The RLO/CBO will be expected to deliver these broad areas in accordance with the specific deliverables as described in the annexe and work plan to be agreed upon and with Cohere.

The selected partner will work closely with the CSSC Facilitator and the Kakuma Location Specialists in: 

2.0 Desired Qualifications

3.0 Term

The RLO/CBO is expected to begin the delivery of the CSSC as soon as the final selection is approved and they have signed their contract. The RLO/CBO is expected to check in with Cohere on a monthly basis to discuss their progress in delivery while sharing their monthly narrative report for the RLO’s/CBO’s training. Cohere will also assign a facilitator to monitor the delivery of the CSSC by the partner on a weekly basis. For this process to occur effectively, the selected partner is expected to share their weekly training schedule with Cohere that will allow the facilitator to join in some of their training sessions.  The tentative engagement period for this project would be from 1st August 2022- 31st December 2022 (renewable based on performance and availability of funding).

How to apply

To apply, please fill in this form. The application deadline is 20th July 2022.